Depression Battle

  1. Acceptance : Accept your current situation. Don’t complain why this is happening to you. Don’t compare yourself with others. Acceptance is the key. If you are not living the life the way you wanted or your friends life seems more interesting to you than yours, these are just factors created by our own mind. They don’t define our reality. We need to work continuously on our growth. and we should not torture ourselves for anything.
  2. Don’t let your past ruin a beautiful present. Don’t regret past. What’s gone is gone, you can never get it back. Focus only on present and future.
  3. Remove negative people from life. Observe who adds negativity in your life and who brings happiness. We need to remove all those people from our life who brings negativity.
  4. Remember life is not a race. We have to live each and every moment rather than running a marathon.
  5. Gratitude : Daily write or think of one gratitude for living on this planet. Writing gratitude really shift our energy towards positive. The gratitude can be anything, i.e. I am thankful that I had a good sleep last night, or I was able to breathe.
  6. Shift your focus when any negative thought comes to your mind. One negative thought attract billion other negative thoughts and then we would be lost in that sad world for the entire day. So, smart thing is as soon as you think of any negative thought then say it good bye at that moment. Think about anything else at that point. e.g. Murgi pehle aayi ya anda. It can be any damn thing but that thought.
  7. Exercise : Exercise is very necessary. It will completely change your mood. Include exercise in your daily routine.
  8. Try Meditation. It calms the mind.
  9. Read self help books or watch videos. I found videos of Sadhguru very helpful for me.I had read couple of self help books which gave me whole new perspective.
  10. Convert loneliness into solitude. Go out alone for watching a movie, trip, eating in a restaurant, shopping, anything that you enjoy doing with friends. Initially you will not like it, but that’s Ok. You will feel self achievement and after sometime you will not depend on anyone. You will start to enjoy your own company.
  11. Talk to your close friends and family about your state of mind. They will listen to you and understand your situation.
  12. Stop using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram. They create more negative thoughts than positive in these hard times. Uninstall these apps.
  13. If you are living away from family, then it’s a good idea to start living with them for sometime until you start experiencing happiness within.
  14. Invest time in any new hobby. It’s very necessary to have hobbies which makes you happy. It can be anything, i.e. Writing, reading, painting.

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Pooja Singla

Pooja Singla

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